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Wasp Nest Removal London offer free callout to deal with problem bees in the London area.

Wasps Nest Removal London provides its bee control services to London and the surrounding towns & villages.

Our Bee Control Services

London Bee Control

We provide a professional bee control service for business customers & individuals in London & the surrounding area, however, we view bees as being an integral part of our environment and as such will only treat colonies if we consider they pose a significant risk to people. Many of our bee species are dying out at a rapid rate and if this continues it will have a devastating effect on our ecology. 

Wherever possible, we firmly believe that bees and their nests should be left undisturbed and all possible solutions including relocation should be considered before destruction of their habitat.

Our bee control and nest removal service in London covers the following:-

"I'd like to thank Complete pest Removal for dealing with my wasps nest quickly and efficiently."

John - Eatington

  • Free estimate & callout
  • Fully qualified and insured
  • Effective treatment of the bees nest
  • Removal of the bees nest if necessary
  • Fully guaranteed - free retreatment
  • Same day service where possible
  • Fast, friendly service guaranteed!

Wasp Nest Removal London supply bee control services to the nearby towns of Covent Garden, Charing Cross, Holborn, Bloomsbury, Walworth, Saint Marylebone, Mayfair, Finsbury, Southwark, City of London, Spitalfields,

Fascinating Facts About Wasps, Bees & Hornets

The queen wasp lays her eggs inside the nest which hatch in a number of days. When the wasp larvae hatch they are cared for by the other wasps in the nest and begin to hunt for food to bring back to the nest. Wasps are known to travel nearly half a kilometre away from the nest in search of food.


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