Frequently asked questions

Do you need to know more about what we do?

Please have a read through the most frequently asked questions about our wasps nest service, if there is anything you need to know that is not covered here feel free to contact us.

Do I Need to Book?

We realise how threatening wasps can be so our wasps nest removal service can usually be carried out on the same day you call!

Are you Qualified?

Yes, we hold professional insect control and extermination qualifications.

Are you insured?

Yes, as part of our accreditation to many of the industry groups we are members of - professional indemnity insurance is part of this accreditation.

I think the wasps nest is high up inside my chimney is this a problem?

We are IPAF certified meaning we are legally able to operate high lift and reach equipment, wherever the wasp nest is, it is not a problem to us - only the wasps!

How much do you charge?

For the vast majority of people, our wasps nest removal & hornets nest removal is very affordable but our pricing is dependant on the severity of the problem and how difficult it is to access the nest.

We always tell our customer how much it will cost before we start any job.

Won't the wasps just return?

Once treated a wasps nest is usually never used again, wasps tend to make a nest somewhere different.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our customers - in the unlikely event that the nest remains active after the first treatment we will return and re-treat the nest at no additional cost to the customer.